United Federation of Teachers

“Eric Gonzalez is a seasoned leader who parents and teachers can count on,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “He worked to reverse wrongful convictions and helped develop programs to target the most dangerous offenders in Brooklyn to drive down violent crime, while still diverting low-level offenders – particularly young people – from the criminal justice system.”

1199SEIU Heathcare Workers East

“Eric's public support for good, well-paying jobs with a living wage, equal rights and social justice reform, plus his innovative approaches to reducing our city's reliance on incarceration, make him the right choice to continue moving Brooklyn forward,” said George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU.



VOCAL-NY Action Fund

“We support Eric Gonzalez for Brooklyn District Attorney because he is the most qualified candidate and has a proven track-record of advancing progressive reforms,” said Carl Stubbs, VOCAL-NY Action Fund. “His commitment to reducing the use of cash bail and his plan to enact diversion programs for low-level drug possession are just two of his good ideas that Brooklyn needs. We are proud to support Mr. Gonzalez in this election and look forward to working with him to reduce incarceration and promote safety and justice for all."

Make the Road Action

“Eric Gonzalez is the best choice for Brooklyn District Attorney,” said María Rubio, member of Make the Road Action and a Brooklyn resident. “He has a strong track record of reforming the office to address our community’s concerns, and he has taken strong positions to support the immigrant community and end mass criminalization of communities of color. My neighbors and I are proud to stand with him as our candidate for this critically important position."


Working Families Party

“Eric Gonzalez is the clear progressive choice for Brooklyn District Attorney," said Bill Lipton, the Director of the state's Working Families Party. “It’s rare to have a prosecutor with both decades of high level experience and who hails from communities impacted by the broken criminal justice system. Eric Gonzalez is a leader who is deeply committed to transforming the criminal justice system to focus on safety and well-being for all our communities.”

Council Member Brad Lander

"I am proud to endorse Eric Gonzalez for Brooklyn District Attorney,” said Lander, co-founder of the Progressive Caucus in the New York City Council. “Eric will build upon Ken Thompson’s progressive legacy. He will increase public safety for Brooklynites while reducing our reliance on incarceration, and protecting immigrants from unwarranted deportations. I look forward to working with Eric to strengthen and expand the model we helped create together at the Red Hook Community Justice Center to combat reckless driving, improve traffic justice, and bring about safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Eric’s innovative approach to justice is a model for the rest of the country.”

Assembly Member Bobby Carroll

“Eric is the right choice for Brooklyn District Attorney,” said Carroll. “From his groundbreaking efforts to protect immigrants, to his Young Adult court providing second chances for youth in the criminal justice system and his efforts to reduce the use of cash bail, Eric has implemented innovative reforms while at the same time driving down crime and keeping Brooklyn safe.”

Assemblyman Walter Mosley

“Eric Gonzalez worked with DA Thompson to implement successful reforms such as the nationally-renown Conviction Review Unit that has given the wrongfully convicted hope that justice can finally be served,” said Mosley. “DA Gonzalez has continued these innovative approaches to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. I look forward to joining DA Gonzalez on his quest to continue this great work.

Council Member Laurie Cumbo

“The families of Brooklyn are well-represented and safer because of Eric Gonzalez,” said Cumbo. “His commitment to providing second chances for our young people and restoring faith in our criminal justice system is why I fully support him for Brooklyn District Attorney.”

Council Member Robert Cornegy

“Acting DA Gonzalez’s progressive reforms like the Begin Again program help residents of my district end their decades-long fear of arrest because of a small misdemeanor case,” said Cornegy. “This is another measure that builds trust between the community and law enforcement. That is something that is desperately needed not only in Brooklyn, but nationwide given the wrong-headed policies coming out of the Trump administration.”

Assembly Member Latrice Walker

“Eric has shown his deep commitment to reforming our criminal justice system,” said Walker. “His initiatives to keep young people out of prison and reduce the reliance on bail are innovative and important steps that address our mass incarceration problem. I know that he will work every day to ensure equal justice for the people of Brooklyn."

Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte

“Immigrant Brooklynites are our neighbors. DA Gonzalez understands this,” said Bichotte, a daughter of Haitian immigrants. “In the short time that he has been leading the district attorney’s office, Eric has addressed the concerns of the diverse immigrant communities of Brooklyn by opposing the Trump administration’s harmful proposals that can, at the very least, disrupt the daily life of some Brooklynites and at worst, break up families. I am delighted to put my support behind Eric. He will sincerely continue to address issues that our immigrant communities are facing in Brooklyn.”

Assembly Member Tremaine Wright

“Brooklyn has made great strides forward in recent years, and Eric Gonzalez will continue that progress,” said Wright. “He has shown that he knows how to make Brooklyn safer, while making our criminal justice system fairer. I strongly support the reforms he's implemented in the district attorney's office and believe he is the best choice to move Brooklyn forward."

Assembly Member Peter Abbate Jr.

“Eric Gonzalez has shown tremendous character throughout his tenure as the Acting District Attorney. After being put in a tough position, inheriting the job under such sad and shocking circumstances he has shown himself to be more than capable of running the department.  I am proud to support his election and know that he will continue to build upon the good work that he’s already done,” said Abbate.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters

“The NYC District Council of Carpenters is proud to endorse Eric Gonzalez’s candidacy for Brooklyn District Attorney,” said Steve McInnis, president of the union. “We commend his tireless advocacy and commitment to the continued protection of workers in Brooklyn. Eric’s dedication to the issues affecting the labor community are laudable and we are ready to work with him to end the exploitation of construction workers in the borough.  We thank the DA for his service and look forward to partnering with him after his election.”

32BJ - Service Employees International Union

"Our members are endorsing Eric Gonzalez because of his long commitment to working people in communities in Brooklyn," said 32BJ President Hector Figueroa. "He has worked to end the unnecessary prosecution of low-level nuisance crimes and ensure our criminal justice system doesn't exploit black and brown New Yorkers. As Acting DA, he has created a policy to ensure fair protection for immigrant Brooklynites who interact with the justice system to ensure public safety and that families can stay together. We know he will carry on the tradition of Ken Thompson who was a champion for the working families in Brooklyn. These are issues that matter to our 20,000 members in Brooklyn; Eric is the clear choice for Brooklyn DA."

New York State Immigrant Action Fund

“In his time in the district attorney’s office, Eric Gonzalez has gone above and beyond to serve Brooklyn’s immigrant communities,” said Steven Choi, executive director of the New York State Immigrant Action Fund. “His leadership in minimizing the collateral immigration consequences of low level criminal convictions, including the hiring of two immigration attorneys to advise the department, means that fewer Brooklyn families

will be ripped apart. The New York State Immigrant Action Fund is proud to support his candidacy in the Brooklyn District Attorney race.”

Vanguard Independent Democratic Association (VIDA)

"The solution is not always incarceration," said VIDA President Henry Butler. "We want to make sure [DA Gonzalez] continues programs that will help our youth."

Stars & Stripes Democratic Club

“As the President of Stars and Stripes Democratic Club, it is my privilege and purpose to represent the immigrant population’s political voice but also to ensure that the communities of the 49th Assembly District are represented,” said Democratic Club President Irene Chu. “Acting DA Eric Gonzalez has carried the responsibilities of the office and proved his abilities after receiving the position last year. I believe once Eric is elected, as the first Puerto Rican-American District Attorney in New York State, this will encourage all minority communities and show that immigrant communities are enthusiastic to serve for the people.”

Transport Workers Union TWU Local 100

"As the son of a transit worker, District Attorney Gonzalez understands the vital work that our members provide to the community,” Local 100 president John Samuelson said in a statement. “He is building on Ken Thompson’s proud legacy of keeping Brooklyn safe, ensuring equal justice under the law, and supporting New York’s transit workers. For all of these reasons, he has the full support and enthusiastic endorsement of the working men and women of TWU Local 100."

The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers
(Local 28)

“Eric is a proven prosecutor with the skills and work ethic to continue the legacy of Ken Thompson and keep the district attorney’s office moving in the right direction,” said Kevin Connors, president of the union. “With Eric as district attorney, we know the office will stand up for good paying union jobs, investigate prevailing wage violations and support the livelihood of union workers.”


The Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union (RWDSU)

“We believe it’s important for Gonzalez to continue the work that he is doing and the work that Ken Thompson started before him,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of RWDSU.

Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association (COBA)

“Now more than ever, it is imperative that Ken's commitment to justice and public safety lives on,” said Husamudeen. “We have tremendous confidence in Eric Gonzales' ability to ensure that happens. He will be a District Attorney that makes Brooklyn safer while also respecting and supporting the vital roles of the entire law enforcement community. We are proud to endorse him for Brooklyn District Attorney,” the COBA president said.